Kuro's Message

No seriously, no politeness this time. Some of you have really let us down, again. We put all of the effort into organising these tournaments, spending weeks trying to keep up with everyone and make it as easy for you all to participate - hell, even training your damn teams ourselves on top of our own busy lives - and then a bunch of your decide you just can't be bothered any more.

It's nothing but just being selfish and inconsiderate. This isn't the first time it has happened either. When we ask you if you want to participate, we're asking you to make a commitment to this. Some of you don't seem to understand this - and so if we ever try again you can expect to be excluded from it. Because now that some of you just can't be bothered, the entire thing has been called off. Three weeks of organisation for it and it's gone.

And don't make excuses now of "I'm too busy!". I personally have to manage three chronic illnesses daily, travel to another city every day of the week to attend a Diploma course at university (which involves me getting up at 6 am and not getting home until 9 pm), then do the entire week's worth of homework on the weekend, house chores, caring for my family and otherwise doing something almost every second of my day. And I can still make time to do all of this, train my tournament team and even help others including helping Wrath organise this thing.

All we needed from you guys was to turn up for a 10 - 20 minute game once a week and probably on the weekend.

Get your shit together guys.


{{SUBST:User:KuroAshi98/Sig}} 23:40, February 21, 2014 (UTC)